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How to change the MOTD on your Minecraft Server

The MOTD will be the first thing when a player adds your server to their server lists. This can lead to first impressions and makes you stand out. It also gives them a quick in-sight about what your server is all about! This article will teach how to set your server's MOTD!

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Generating the MOTD

Before we set the MOTD, We need to create our MOTD first. Mojang made color codes available in the MOTD so you can customize all of the colors and styles in your MOTD. There are numerous websites available which provide a quick editor for you to edit and create MOTD's with style. In this case, we will use the MCTools MOTD Creator website!

Here is a quick MOTD That I made using the mctools website.

&l&6Sparked &eServer
&3An awesome &4survival &3server

It even gives you a live preview of how your MOTD will look like inside of Minecraft!

If you do not feel like adding fancy colors or styles, its completely fine to simply type the MOTD. A useful thing to know is if you want to create a new line, simply type in \n

Setting the MOTD

Note: This article will only show you how to set the MOTD on Spigot / Vanilla Servers. Bungeecord server's may be different.

Head over to the file via the File Manager

Find the line that starts with motd=. Delete everything after the equals (=) sign. It should now look like this:


Enter the MOTD text/code given by the MOTD generator (Or type in the designed MOTD) like so:

motd=\u00A7l\u00A76Sparked \u00A7eServer\u00A7r\n\u00A73An awesome \u00A74survival \u00A73server

Save the file and restart the server. The MOTD should now appear on the server list!

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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