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How to configure paper to work like vanilla

Paper, like Spigot, are Minecraft Server Software that make changes into the fundamentals of the game in order to boost performance, some of them change the way the game is experienced, because of that, configuration changes need to be done in order to have a Vanilla-like experience, this guide explains what, how, and where to configure Paper to work like Vanilla.

Note: Doing the changes on this guide can lead to server lag, as some optimizations done by Spigot/Paper will be reverted.

How to configure paper to work like vanilla

Configure Spigot

To first configure paper, we need to access the spigot.yml file, located under the main directory of the server file manager.

Click onto the file, and the config will be displayed, in the left side the number of the line of the file can be found.

Here, the lines are displayed by the yellow zone, while the green line indicates what corresponds to that specific line, in this case, line 6 is just “#”.

Look for the following lines and edit them to look as stated here(If you are using Chrome Browser you can do Ctrl+F to open up a quick word browser, which will highlight in the file the words you enter):

merge radius: 
    item : -1
    exp: -1
    animals: 128
    monsters: 128
    raiders: 128
    misc: 128
    water: 128
    villagers: 128
    flying-monsters: 128
    players: 144
    animals: 128
    monsters: 128
    misc: 128
    other: 128

After doing this changes, head over the lower-left hand corner and click on Save Content.

Configure Paper

To configure paper, you need to access the paper.yml file the same way you accessed the spigot.yml file, then look for the following lines and edit them as shown here:

fix-entity-position-desync: false
allow-permanent-block-break-exploits: true
allow-piston-duplication: true
perform-username-validation: false
allow-headless-pistons: true
per-player-mob-spawns: false (It is advised to leave it as true, to enhance mod spawns per player)
fix-curing-zombie-villager-discount-exploit: false
disable-unloaded-chunk-enderpearl-exploit: false
fix-invulnerable-end-crystal-exploit: false

After editing, click on “Save Content” for the changes to take place.

After this, restart the server for all changes to take place.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Daniel R.

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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