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How to Install and Configure EssentialsX

Let’s first talk about EssentialsX. What exactly is EssentialsX? It is an essential plugin suite for Minecraft servers, with over 130 commands for servers of all sizes and scales. EssentialsX provides one of the most comprehensive feature sets out there, providing teleportation, moderation tools, gameplay enhancements, and more.

EssentialsX does not recommend using Mohist as it may be potentially malicious. View more about this here

Enough Talk. Let’s install it!

How to install EssentialsX

Download the latest version of EssentialsX from the official EssentialsX website. Click the red “Download” button.

Once it has finished downloading, Head over to the “File Manager” Tab of the Apollo Panel.

Click on the “Plugins” Folder. This is usually located in the root directory where the server.jar is at.

Upload the downloaded jar to the plugins folder.

Restart the server in the “Console” tab on the left-hand side of the panel. We do not recommend reloading the server as it may cause issues!

Install EssentialX Addons (OPTIONAL)

EssentialX has many add ons which improve the plugin experience. Some of these addons are used for chat formatting or even discord integration. To view all of the available addons, click here.

Follow steps 2-5 to install these addons.

How to configure EssentialsX

Head over to the “File Manager” tab and go into the “Plugins” folder and find the "EssentialsX" folder.

Click on “config.yml”. This will open a text editor in which you are able to edit the config.

Here are some useful config options that you may want to edit

nickname-prefix. This will show up next to names that have a nickname assigned to them. For example, With this option left as default, a user who has changed their name would look like ~MyNickname. To remove the ~, simply remove the ~ from the nickname-prefix line.

auto-afk and auto-afk-kick are some values which you may want to edit. auto-afk adjusts the amount of time that it takes for the person to be set as AFK. auto-afk-kick sets the amount of time when the user should be kicked after being X amount of time afk.

You are able to set your own custom player join/leave messages in the config. You can do this by editing the custom-join-message and custom-leave-message values. By default, they are set to none.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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