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How to install mods on your Ark Survival Evolved server

In this article we'll show you how to install mods on your ark survival server

How to install mods on your ark survival evolved server

Proceed to the directory ShooterGame/Content/Mods and upload the necessary mod files.

The .mod files can be found by going to where ark is installed on your pc and navigating to ShooterGame/Content/Mods and the .mod files are located there.

Once finished, proceed to ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini

Open the file and look for [ServerSettings] - You will need to add a new line under this section called ActiveMods= as shown below

Finally, you'll need to add the Mod IDs in this line for them to be activated as shown below.

Save the file and restart the server

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Shiva R.

Updated on: 02/07/2023

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