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How to retrieve past console logs and crashes

In the cases where a server has been failing from time to time, it is helpful to search on the logs and crash files for errors that occurred in previous server runs, this guide will explain how to retrieve those logs from the server files.

How to retrieve past console logs and crashes (Apollo Method)

Head over to the "Settings" tab on the left hand side

Underneath "Debug Information", Click the "Enable Crash Detection" button.

This means that Apollo will automatically log the crash logs to their full extent as Minecraft can only log to a specific point.

To Look at the crash logs, head over to the "File Manager" and click on the "Apollo Data" folder.

Here you can see all the crashes that the Apollo panel

How to retrieve past console logs and crashes (Alternative Method)

First, head over to your Files Manager, located at right hand side of the panel

Then head over to the folder named “logs” and open it.

Here you will see a series of files, named after each of the logs recorded since the first start of the server (Or since they were last deleted) they follow a naming scheme, that is Year - Month - Day - Number of log from that day.log.gz. That means a log named 2022-07-01-03.log.gz was the third log of 2022 July 1st.

Here in blue, it is a past log, in yellow, the log that is currently being written by the console, and when you turn down/restart the server it will become a log like the blue one, in green is the how much time ago that log was last modified.

Past logs are compressed in a gz file, you can download them and decompress them using a program like WinRar, to do so, click on the three points located at the left side of the log file.

Retrieve crash logs

In your main directory, find the “crash-reports” folder, this folder is only present if the server has crashed at least once.

Here you will find text files, containing details of what caused the crash, and in which conditions it happened, they look like this.

They are named the same way as the logs, by the exception of containing crash at the start, and the hour at the end.

Unlike logs, they are not compressed, so they can be opened normally.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Daniel R. | Greg K.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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