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What Java version does my Minecraft server need?

Ensuring that the most suitable version of Java is installed is an essential factor to take into mind while running a Minecraft server, as using the right Java version is crucial to ensure a smooth player experience. This article will look into the Java version requirements for various versions of Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Server and Java

Java is required for Minecraft servers to run. Because of its cross-platform interoperability and versatility, Java is an excellent programming language for running servers on different operating systems. However, in order for various Minecraft servers to function at their best, particular Java versions are needed.

Here's a table summarizing the Java version requirements for different Minecraft server versions:

Minecraft VersionJava Version
1.8 to 1.11Java 8
1.12 to 1.16.4Java 11
1.16.5Java 16
1.17 to 1.19+Java 17

How to change Java version:

Log in to your Apollo Panel account first, then choose the server for which you want to modify the Java version.

Navigate to the “Startup” tab under the Configuration category.

After that, you should see a Java Version box beside the Startup Command field.

Select the suitable Java Version according to your Minecraft server version and the option will be auto saved.

Lastly, to make the update to the Java version effective, don't forget to restart the server.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Jayden W.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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