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Adding Imperial Plugins Loader for OpenMod

Imperial Plugins is a Paid Plugin Vendor that sells unturned plugins. Below is how you are able to install imperial plugins. Keep in mind we can’t give you the files for Imperial Plugins you MUST get them off the Imperial Plugins Site.

Adding Imperial Plugins Loader for OpenMod

Once you Purchase a paid plugin from Imperial Plugins you need to click Download on the Plugin Page.

Once you download it you will get a Native Folder and Plugins Folder.

Upload ImperialPlugins.Loader.dll and K4os.Compression.LZ4.dll into /Servers/unturned/OpenMod/Plugins.

Then you need to create a native folder inside the Main OpenMod Directly /Servers/unturned/OpenMod.

Once the native folder is created, upload ImperialPluginsNativeLoader.dll and into the newly created native folder.

Then start your server so the Config File Generates.

Once the Config File has been generated, fill in the Key and the Product name.

Restart the Server once Number 6 is completed.

Once the Server has restarted you will get that the Plugin has not been whitelisted.

Head to the Imperial Plugins Dashboard and request the whitelists.

Once they are Whitelisted by the developer, restart your server.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Griffin H.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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