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Basics to Squad

Welcome to your Squad Server!

Below is a list of everything you should know about within squad, how it operates and common errors you may come across.
Squad is a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by the Canadian game development studio Offworld Industries. Self-published through Steam, it is a spiritual successor to the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. This game currently is still being developed and is sometimes even called a beta still. With this comes bugs and errors that you will see commonly through out your operations.

Errors You might encounter

Errors are quite common in squad and you will see them litter your console with a bunch of nonsense but, this nonsense is lots and lots of logging which, is good for debugging!

Using external tools like BattleMetrics will assist you greatly when you have any issues. You can also use Squad.js which we get into in another article.

As stated before squad is buggy but for a understanding reason. At max Squad needs to handle proximity voice chat, constant movement of players, Airstrikes, tanks, you name it. For these reasons there will be many reasons why a Squad server could crash. Here are a few Examples.

Mass DC (Disconnect): Sever did not crash but the network refused connections. Normally kicks players mid game.
 This is the packet loss symbol. Something you don't want to see. This is commonly the last thing you end up seeing before a Mass DC or Client DC

Client DC: Network issues on client side. ex. Internet outage, Power outage ect.

Crash: Crashes are not good. Normally crashes occur when a physics object collides with another physics object that the server can not calculate. ex. Logi hitting a HUMV just right and clipping it under the map. Normally the game would sense this and destroy the vehicle and everyone inside but there are times where it doesn't catch it in time. Crashes tend to be very confusing and to not make this a novel we ask that you open a ticket if you experience an outage / crash.

Useful Tools and Tips to Running Your Squad Server

There are thousands of things you can do to make yourself stick out but you will need some tools to do so. Here is a short list of things to investigate for your server.

In-Game Admins
SquadGame/ServerConfig items like MOTD and Server Messages.
For more information on how to license your server view the next article.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Cayden D.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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