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How to add a custom map to your Rust server

How to add your Custom Map

Before you try to install your custom map check your startup tab in the Game Panel and see if you have the Custom Map URL box. If not, open a support ticket and ask for this option so we can get it added for you.

Upload the map to discord instead of dropbox. Dropbox currently does not work due to link changes.

After you have done number 1 then make sure that the map file is a .map file extension.

The map needs to be uploaded to Dropbox and shared.

Grab the download link for the custom map and add the link into the Custom Map URL box.

The end of the link needs to have ?dl=1 otherwise it won't work.(The ?dl=1 is added on manually)

After you set this up head over to the Mod Manager and install the Rust Edit extension.

Once you have done this restart your server and you should now have your custom map installed.

If you are having issues installing your custom map please contact support and we will help you install.

One thing to note is to ensure that the map is up to date otherwise the server will not allow players to join.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Griffin H.

Updated on: 26/12/2023

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