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How to add administrators to your v-Rising server

How to add administrators to your v-Rising server

First, you'll need to make some settings in the game.

In VRising, click on Options - General - and enable "Console Enabled".

To add an administrator, make sure to have their Steam64ID.

Navigate to the File Manager.
Go to the path shown in the following image (container/VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings/ServerHostSettings.json).
Click on New File.

Enter the Steam64IDs of the players you want to be administrators. One ID per line.
Click on Create File and save it as adminlist.txt.

To access administrator commands, enter the game and type "adminauth" in the console.

Once done, simply restart your server and verify that the changes have been applied.

If you need further assistance, please create a ticket here:
[link] (

Made by: Antonio G., Sofia B.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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