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How to add mods to your ETS2/ATS server

Mods are an excellent way to expand and enhance your gameplay. Ranging from map mods, lighting mods, and even new trucks! This article will teach you how to add mods to your ETS2/ATS server!

This is the same process in both ETS2 and ATS.

Exporting the mod list

Note: You will need to use the developer console. There is a article available that shows how to enable it here.

Head over to the Mod manager.

Select all of the mods you would like to use. Once completed, click "Confirm Changes".

Now load into your game profile and open the developer console by clicking the backtick (`) button. Then enter the following command export_server_packages.

Head over to your documents folder and find the Euro Truck Simulator 2 or the American Truck Simulator folder.

You will need to locate 2 files named server_packages.dat and server_packages.sii.

Head back into the File manager and locate the server settings folder. The usual file path location is .local/share/Euro Truck Simulator 2 or .local/share/American Truck Simulator.

Drag and drop server_packages.dat and server_packages.sii into the folder.

Restart the server. The mods are now active and will require the user to have the mods enabled.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K

Updated on: 26/02/2023

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