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How to add redirects on cPanel

Redirects are useful if you want to send a user to a specific website or part of a website. You could also use this to redirect the user to a discord server!

Let’s learn how to set up a redirect on cPanel.

How to add redirects on cPanel

Login to the cPanel dashboard. You are able to log in using the button on the web hosting package.

Once logged in, Head down over to the “Domains” category and select “Redirects”.

A form will open. Fill out the following info that is required:

Type - This can be a Permanent (301) redirect or a Temporary (302) redirect
https?://(www.)? - This is the domain that is going to be used for the domain. You will also need to select where the start of the redirect is. For example /twitter
Redirects to - This is the website / domain that the redirect is going to send the user to
www. Redirection - This is the option that if enabled, it will also apply the redirect on domains which start with www. For example
Wild Card Redirect - This will redirect all files within a directory to the same filename in the redirected directory

In this example, We will redirect to our twitter page.

Once all of the information has been filled out, click “Add”.

Now the redirect works. If you access You will be sent to the twitter page.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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