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How to install a custom modpack

Modpacks include various mods, such as new items, biomes, and mobs, as well as changes to the game's mechanics and user interface. Modpacks are typically created by players or groups of players and are designed to be easy to install and use. This article will teach you how to install custom modpacks in your Minecraft Server.

Your server needs to be using Forge/Fabric!

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Installing Modpacks manually

Install Modpacks using the Modpack Installer

Installing Modpacks manually

The first step is to download the modpack. Many modpacks can be found on websites such as CurseForge, Technic, and many other Minecraft Forums. In this tutorial, I will use The PixelMon Modpack from CurseForge as my example. First, Navigate to the Files page.

Find the chosen version that includes Server Files/Server Pack.

After that, hit the “Download” button.

Once downloaded the modpack, login to the control panel and select the server you want to install the modpack.

Navigate to “File Manager” under the basic category.

Upload the ServerPack ZIP file that was downloaded into the home directory.

Once the modpack is uploaded, unzip it by clicking the “three dots” icon beside the upload time, and hit the “Unarchive” button.

After that, proceed to restart the server, and the modpack should be installed!

Install Modpacks using the Modpack Installer

The built-In Modpack Installer is a feature of the Apollo control panel that makes it easier and faster for users to install Modpack. This method is highly recommended because it saves time and is extremely simple to use.

Hit the “Modpacks” button under the tools category.

This Installer has a variety of well-known Modpacks for users to install, choose the Modpack of your choice and version, then click "Install".

After that, wait a few minutes, and the server will install the desired Modpack automatically!

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Jadyn W.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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