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How to upload saves to your Palworld server

Ensuring that your local save files are correctly uploaded to your Palworld server is crucial to continue your gaming journey seamlessly. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of uploading your saves, verifying their integrity, and getting back to the action.

Step 1: Starting and Stopping the Server

Begin by getting your server online and starting it. Wait until the server status displays as "online."

Once the server is online, stop it gracefully.

Step 2: Locating the Save Directory

Navigate to the following directory on your server: /Pal/Saved/SavedGames/0/9C6B42F9627C4B938094E4CF328AA4B1 These numbers are just for example, this will NOT match your folder that contains your save information.

Note: Take note name of the string that follows the "/0/", which contains a combination of numbers and letters. This string is essential for later use. For example, in our case with the directory above, the name we need to note down is 9C6B42F9627C4B938094E4CF328AA4B1.

Step 3: Preparing Your Local Save Files

On your local computer, locate your Palworld save files.

Compress the entire save folder into a zip file. Ensure that all the necessary save files, including auto saves and manual saves, are included in the zip archive.

Step 4: Accessing Your Local Save Files

Open the Run dialog on your computer by holding down the "Windows" key and pressing "R."

In the dialog box, type %appdata% and press "Enter." This will open the "Local", "LocalLow", or "Roaming" directory, depending on your system configuration.

Navigate to the "Local" folder within this directory.

Scroll down to locate the "Pal" folder, and open it.

Inside the "Pal" folder, locate and open the "Saved" directory.

Open the "SavedGames" folder.

You will see a folder named with your Steam 64 ID. Click on it to access your save games.

Step 5: Identifying Your Save

To identify your most recent save, log into your single-player game or relevant gameplay mode.

Return to the Title Screen. This action will save your game, allowing you to determine the modified date of your latest save.

In your local save folder, look for the save with the corresponding modified date. This is your most recent save.

Right-click on your most recent save and compress it into a zip file. Make sure to use the zip format, as our panel does not support .RAR files.

Step 6: Uploading and Replacing Saves

Go back to the directory on your server mentioned in Step 2.

Upload the zip folder containing your local save into this directory.

After uploading, take note of the name of the original world folder that is already on the server, which in this case its 9C6B42F9627C4B938094E4CF328AA4B1.

Delete the original world folder (Where in our case its the 9C6B42F9627C4B938094E4CF328AA4B1 folder).

Extract the contents of the zip folder then rename the new world folder to the name of the original world folder. (So for example if the name of the new folder extracted from the zip folder was E0AC625DC82446CF9DC64586FD2AF5CC, we would rename it to 9C6B42F9627C4B938094E4CF328AA4B1)

Step 7: Restart and Verify

Restart your Palworld server.

Attempt to join your server. If you receive a message indicating that you need to create a new character, stop immediately.

Step 8: Contact Support (if needed)

In case you encounter issues or see the message about creating a new character, contact our Support Team by opening a ticket here.

Ensure that the zip folder you uploaded is still on the server and provide it's location to the Support Team, so they can diagnose and fix the save issue.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Game

Once these steps are complete, you should be all set to enjoy your Palworld adventure with your correctly uploaded saves.

If you have any further questions or encounter issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Created By: Cayden D

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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