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Satisfactory Admin

This guide will help new admins to the field of hosting your very own Satisfactory Serve

The setup will mostly be done and the email sent to you will contain all of the information you will need to connect to your server but, there is a small setup that you must do when you first launch your service.

Satisfactory Admin

When you connect to your service for the first time you will see this page.

Put the name for the server in here then press confirm. This is what your server's name will display when you connect.

Once this is finished it will then present this page to enter an admin password. Create a password you will remember! You will not be able to reset this later without the password you set.

Once this is done you should see the following page.

If you see this page then you have set up your server correctly!

Note: If you lost/forgot your password please contact us here.

World Creation

Once you set up your password you can then create, load, delete and import other worlds to this server.

To create a world press the "Create Game" button at the top of the tab.

You can then select the map you would like the server to run. You can change this later as long as you do not delete the saves.

If you have a game of your own on Satisfactory click on the "manage saves" and select your world.



Here is the list of all known commands.


Here are some common issues we have found when setting this up.

If you wait too long to connect to the server it will force you out. To fix this Join a random world or delete the old server and re-add it.

If you can not join the server ensure you are using the SERVER QUERY PORT and NOT the GAME PORT. You can find your SERVER QUERY PORT in your startup tab.


We have done extensive testing on these servers and have run into a lot of different bugs. We strongly recommend when turning off or restarting your server to NOT KILL the server. This does NOT save the world data and will lose all of its progress from when it was turned on till the time it was killed.

Warning: You must let the server turn off / restart on its own. We can not provide support for lost / corrupted files due to killing the service.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Cayden D.

Updated on: 20/11/2022

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