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How to upload your own custom Minecraft Java world

Sometimes you'll find yourself installing a custom made map or perhaps a map you made on Singleplayer that you now want to share with friends,
here is how you can upload and play your own custom maps with SparkedHost's Apollo Panel!

First, you will have to upload your world via SFTP or, have your world in a ZIP file. Then drag and drop the ZIP file into the File Manager. If you do not know how to use SFTP, Click here to view more.

We highly suggest you power down your server before making any changes to your server, especially with world files.

You can find your File Manager on the Apollo Panel via the top-left, it should look like this!

Now that we've entered our File Manager in the panel, we can go ahead and upload our ZIP File, you can find the "Upload File" button at the top right of the panel.

Simply find where your ZIP file is located, select your world ZIP file and click "Open" on the File Explorer

Now let's unzip your newly uploaded custom world out of a ZIP as your server will not acknowledge it as a real world if it is a ZIP file.

Please insure you have deleted your previous world folder as no change will be made. (Or archive and rename your old world if you'd like to return to it.)

Finally, let's change our World Folder name from change my name! to world, this will allow our server to acknowledge that world folder as our new world.

You'll be prompted with a screen to change your file's name, once you've changed it to world, just hit Rename and you're ready to boot your server back up!

Great job! you've successfully uploaded your custom world file for your Java Minecraft server!

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K.
Updated by: Liam C.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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