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Diagnosing Network & Latency issues

Sometimes you may be experiencing ping problems on your service which may make it unpleasant to play on. This article will teach you how to diagnose network and latency issues.

Diagnosing Network & Latency issues (WinMTR)

This is only for Windows users!

Start by downloading WinMTR from this website by clicking the green "Download" button.

Run the executable that it provides you with. The application should open and it will look like this:

Inside the "Host" input box, put in the hostname/IP of the node that you want to test. In this case, we will use, but you should use the one that corresponds to your node/server. Once completed, press "Start". It should now look like this:
Do not use Check the console page for your IP. Remember to remove the port.

Wait a couple of minutes for it to generate some results. Then click stop and take a screenshot of the results. You are then able to provide this screenshot and the Node/IP you are using into the ticket (If Applicable).

Diagnosing Network & Latency issues (Tracert)

Doing a tracert will help identify the where the ping increases during the request between you and the server. The higher the ping (ms), the longer it will take for the request to reach the server. You want to keep it as low as possible.

To run a tracert, Open you command line terminal (CMD) and do the following command: tracert <IP here>. An example of a tracert command would be tracert Please remember to not include any port numbers in the IP!
Do not use Check the console page for your IP. Remember to remove the port.
Here is an example of a tracert result:

Once you have completed the tracert, please copy the results and paste them into the Sparked Host paste website. Please provide the link and the Node/IP that you used to run the tracert into the ticket (If applicable).

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K.

Updated on: 22/10/2023

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