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How to install a configuration using the Apollo panel

The "Configs" tab on the Apollo panel is a new feature that allows you to install pre-configured files and setups created by the experienced Sparked Host team members. These configurations include changes to how the server manages entities, performance changes, server setups etc. Its not only limited to Minecraft, but it also has setups for discord bots. Let's find out how to use configurations in the Apollo panel

Installing a Configuration

On the left-hand side, click "Configs"

Now select the configuration file that you would like to use.

Minecraft Configurations

Discord Bot Configurations

Click the "Install" button. It will now apply the configuration that you chose to the server.

If you would like to request a configuration to be made, please create a ticket or send in a suggestion in our discord server.

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K.

Updated on: 12/02/2023

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