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What server location should I choose for my service?

Having the best ping for your server and for your community is best as lag may occur between you and the server. This article will teach you what location to choose for your service.

Where is your community based?

If it is just you and your friends, you should choose a server closest to you. This is because you can get the best ping whenever you fight about who stole the diamonds! Jokes aside, ping is important as it defines how fast something sends between the server and you. For example, breaking a block or jumping.

If you are targeting a group of people, or a community, you will need to choose a location nearer to them. The closer the server is to the player base region, the better as they will have less lag during their gameplay.

How do I find out my ping to each location?

To find out your ping to one of our location, head over to our home page and scroll down until the "Locations" sections. You can click here to quickly visit this section.

You can see that my best location is London, UK. This means that If I were to create a server, I would want it in London, UK. This may be different for you.

Remember that you want the ping to be as low as possible. Lower the number, the better!

If you require any further assistance, please create a ticket here.

Created By: Greg K.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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